Something has been stirring in me for a long time. I have tried different ways to have any kind impact on making the outside world a little better. We need each other (to be kind) and we need our strengths to be shared and I feel that if you have a desire or feeling that you can work in the direction of making the world better, you are meant to act on it. 

I have always been a big supporter of healthy and as-local-and-organic-as-possible food choices and ways of life, from ordering weekly food boxes in Montreal produced by the first roof-top hydroponic farm ten years ago to opening my own small local and organic grocery store. 

Most recently, I created this platform which I keep calling, for lack of another descriptor,  “a movement towards a better world”. It’s called Human dot Being. The “brand” name was created almost ten years ago when I began questioning the modern human experience and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it ever since. There are too many things that I want to work on to label it a particular thing; this is how the word “movement” was chosen. I am planning to use this platform for my writing, my mediation practice, and business ideas that all, in some way, enrich the human experience, create a little awareness, give back a little and perhaps, dare I say, influence others into a kinder way of life. 

The products I will sell through Human dot Being will all be curated specifically for their quality and ethical sourcing and at least 10% of the profit of the sale will be donated to various charitable organizations. For the next little while, all charitable proceeds will go towards our local pandemic relief efforts at the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital Foundation.