They are so important, all of them, even the not-so-great ones. Their experience can teach us. We may never act on their advice, but at least, it’s there. I have always had a fascination with elders. I am the person who wants to go through the photo albums in people’s homes and ask tons of questions about who is from where and what did they overcome and what impression did they leave? I also have a deep conviction that our elders and their pain sit within us, to a certain degree. I am not a psychologist, and I am not purporting to be anything other that a deeply curious person with a penchant for world peace but I suppose the books I read and the people I learn from have shown me that this is possible and I choose to believe it for many reasons, and some of them are even selfish.

We will all hopefully become elders, who do we want to be? How do we heal ourselves or tell our stories for the next generation to grow to be wise to guide the next?

I have this vision, it appears to be of a native circle, where there is an elder man or woman who is sought by the young for advice and wisdom. I always just thought this was going to happen, that there would be those people around to tap into. But who are these sages? Who are the wise ones? In an age where there are so many ways to communicate and yet everyone is separated and family is complicated and we have seen too much pain from the institutions that were created to plug that hole, where do we go?