Happy International Women’s Day

#Choose to Challenge

On this International Women’s Day, I have one wish. That all human beings treat each other empathetically and with kindness. How different the world would be if we didn’t paint ourselves or each other into corners.

#ChoosetoChallenge is a great theme and we have to remember that challenging the powers that be comes with a whole new set of potentially scary baggage thanks to the cruel and hurting people on the internet. As much as I believe that speaking up and challenging the status quo is the best place to start, I know first hand that it can fall on deaf ears if you are not loud enough or if you are not willing to risk your peace and your family’s peace to make change. So, if you’re like most of us, start small; be kind, be supportive, challenge fiercely but intelligently and respectfully, and listen. Women are more than daughters, mothers and wives, we are capable co-leaders of the human race. Let’s build the foundation for future generations of women and men and everyone in between to soar together, in peace.