Mini rant:

Thank God some of our ancestors were really strong.

Seriously, thank God, or the Universe. 

How else would they have had the strength to survive all of this shit.  We are no longer depending so much on God, and I suppose this is why nothing seems to really matter anymore. Anyone who tries to live within the lines, or even slightly is considered to be “a sheep”; and everyone else thinks they know better than experts and generations of progress. I know nothing is perfect. I know we don’t know where this all goes but a little humility in this lifetime would be good for all of us. We just have to be kind to one another and think about the impact, however small, we will have on others around us and on future generations and maybe our immediate satisfaction won’t seem so important. 

I know the pandemic was hard. But come on. Where are the adults? Why are kids in their rooms on electronics for hours on end without supervision? How are they accessing all of the nonsense that will ruin their lives and complicate life for others unnecessarily? The internet is FULL of garbage. SO FULL of garbage. I want there to be some moral and ethical regulator to restrict content. Who could that be? Let’s all try to figure it out. I know many people will argue that this will remove some basic freedoms but what are we talking about here? Why? What do we want freedom for? What is freedom? As long as we live in society, we all need to bend a little. It’s a give and take. If freedom means doing whatever we want, whenever we want, then freedom is bad – that should get some attention. As a person who tries to be on top of the internet consumption in my house, I am not perfect and neither are the systems we’ve put in place. We try but we can’t control everything. AND adults are addicted too, so how are we supposed to train our children when we can’t avoid the devices ourselves? WE NEED HELP. Yet another article came out this week describing the affect of social media on mental health. How long have we known this is a problem? Almost since the beginning and we just keep on going like nothing’s wrong.

We know a lot and yet we are constantly creating problems instead of addressing the ones right in front of us. We are numbing ourselves into oblivion with technology, alcohol, pot on every corner, “busyness” and/or shutting ourselves out of the world. While, at the same time, micromanaging the only things we can sort of control like our food intake and exercise regime. We should be kind, we know we should eat well most of the time, we know we should help others, we know we should be exercising, we know we are only temporary inhabiting of the earth and that we have to try to take care of it. We know good community is important. We know education is important (especially reading – I will write about this again soon.) We know democracy is important, this is becoming debatable for some reason but let’s remember how easily bad actors can mess up systems. We know polluting, cheating, lying, stealing, killing are wrong and will hurt people. Why does everything have to be so complicated? Are we not supposed to learn from the past and grow in a better direction?

I’m trying really hard to become a good, strong ancestor but it seems we have too much distracting us and that we’ve lost focus on the basic principles of a good life, which I will write more about later!